Working Spec

Communicate complex building details with interactive animated 3D models

Working Spec creates interactive animated 3D models of your product assembly or application instructions and puts them onto users’ mobile devices — making it faster and easier for your products to be assembled or applied correctly.

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Save Time and Money

Working Spec quickly creates cost-effective 3D models from your existing 2D assembly and application instructions, saving you the expense of making in-house videos.

Existing Platform

No need to develop or maintain your own app at great expense - simply add your content to our platform, which is constantly updated and improved upon.

Easy to Understand

Interactive animated 3D models are much easier to understand than 2D drawings, and take less time than watching videos showing assembly in action. 3D animations are easier to understand for viewers with English as a second language.

Easy to Use

QR codes on brochures, product packaging and building plans make it easy to access 3D models on mobile phones. No specialist software or technical skills are required to use the 3D models, just our free mobile app.

Higher Quality, Faster Construction

Communicating assembly and application instructions through interactive animated 3D models reduces construction mistakes, resulting in better build quality. Spending less time puzzling over complex 2D drawings speeds up the overall build process.

Assist your Sales Team

Working Spec 3D animations provide an engaging way for product and sales representatives to explain complex assembly or application instructions. When specifiers and builders understand your product, they’re more likely to recommend it for a project.

This is a valuable resource. It’s valuable for us, for our installers, it’s value for my sales team, it’s value for the designer, it’s value for the council, even the homeowner. It covers a lot of range. It is a valuable tool and what it does is it shows people the technique of how it’s put together. And it wouldn’t be just me, I think all your customers would have the same opinion.

David E.H. Roofing Industries Ltd Architectural Manager

I have a job in Nelson (Hill Res) and the builders have been using Working Spec for Interset installation and think it is great. It made things very easy and saved everyone lots of time and money as we haven’t had to keep running on to site each time the builder has a question.

Paul F. Rosenfeld Kidson Account Manager

This is the best thing I have seen in a long time. Interset is a great recessed window system and Working Spec makes the installation easy to understand without the manufacturer having to come on site to check every time!

Mark S. Sutton Builders

I had one of my boys on site who had done an Interset job 15 months ago. I wish Working Spec had been around then, because it makes the whole process of set out and building up the recessed window so much easier.

Mitch F. Frost Builders

So how does it work?


Working Spec creates a 3D model of assembly or application instructions from manufacturers and architects


QR code is applied to product brochures, packaging and 2D building plans


The user downloads Working Spec app then scans the QR code


The user interacts with 3D model to quickly and easily understand how components fit together


Product is assembled or applied correctly, saving time and money, making the manufacturer, builder, architect and home owner very happy.