Working Spec

We want to help improve the building industry

We’re helping manufacturers, designers and specifiers communicate their product assembly or application instructions with end-users in a clever new way. Use Working Spec to improve understanding, reduce mistakes and create higher quality final products.

Why are we doing this?

Working Spec was born out of the need to find an improved way to instruct third parties on how components are assembled or products applied. We found that 2D sketches and details are hard to understand at first glance even for some professionals. Videos can only show the information that is recorded and they’re not always recorded at the best angle. To add to the frustration, most BIM models only focus on the overall model, while detail drawings are still in 2D.

Education is key

When end-users understand what the correct installation or application procedure for a product is, it increases the confidence with which they operate and reduces the likelihood of problems on-site. Fewer problems mean reduced cost to the contractor and reduced frustration for all parties involved. The end result of educating users through animated interactive 3D models is better buildings all around.

The chain starts with the creative solutions that manufacturers dream up to solve the challenges we face. We create animated interactive 3D models based on their instructions. We link these 3D models to QR Codes and these are placed on product brochures, documentation, packaging and architectural plans.

From this point technical representatives, architectural specifiers and builders can view the interactive models and get a far better understanding of the assembly or application order than previous 2D drawings would provide.

Our animated interactive 3D models and custom 3D browser gives manufacturers the confidence that their information is understood and installation or application is performed correctly. The improved understanding of installation and application procedures allow the manufacturer to stand by their guarantees more readily.

We are Working Spec, a team of skilled industry professionals, and we understand how to communicate your details to others so that your message is clear.

Let us know how we can help you.