Working Spec


Working Spec's goal is to effectively communicate construction detail assembly information to builders, specifiers and suppliers in offices and on sites across New Zealand.

We want to:

We put 3D models of product details onto builders' mobile devices.

We link the 3D models to QR Codes on product brochures, documentation, packaging and architectural plans.

Instead of puzzling over 2D drawings or worse, a builder can simply scan a QR code with his mobile device then interact with a full 3D model of the product component.

This technology can also be used by product reps, specifiers, inspectors and anybody who wants to know how details fit together.

Box with QR Code Brochure with QR Code Drawing with QR Code Product with QR Code

The problem with current 3D modelling

3D assembly information is already used in the building industry but does not get into the hands of those who really need it.

Some reasons for this are:

Why Working Spec

For Manufacturers

For Builders

First time only, download the Working Spec app for your device.

For Specifiers and Designers

Constantly evolving

Working Spec was born from our own frustration with the way things were done in our industry.

We are adding a new dimension to details.